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As a team that manages public relations mandates for diversified industry domains & sectors, Clarity PR undertakes a thorough research work in understanding the work, mapping the competitors which gives us an added advantage in serving clients across categories.


With India’s technology industry leveraging fast-expanding commercial prospects in the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, etc, it has the potential to earn $300-350 billion in annual revenue by 2025. IT-based services are crucial in today’s competitive market for any company trying to boost productivity and grow efficiently and affordably. India’s digitization drive has boosted in terms of both innovation and regulation. 5G unfurled with a promising future. Despite crypto’s tragic failure, Web 3.0 has emerged as the buzzword in tech innovation, with start-ups and large corporations flocking to the metaverse.

Clarity Public Relations understands how technology is unrivaled in the world’s economies. Therefore, we’ve been working with tech-oriented businesses to provide correct exposure, enhance media presence and connect them to their target consumers on a B2B and B2C scale. We assisted CMS IT Services, SocioRAC, MOGI, and Innovsol in generating media interaction and expanding brand awareness.


Technology is continuously evolving, and the Indian populace is adapting quickly to these developments. In addition, people are increasingly reliant on their mobile phones for virtually all of their payment and banking needs. As financial services evolve, people’s lives become more convenient. Since catching up with the spread of internet services in the country, India’s Fintech ndustry has grown exponentially over the last decade. With a fintech adoption rate of 87% compared to the global average of 64%, India is one of the world’s fastest-growing fintech marketplaces.

Clarity PR specializes in creating unique messaging that reaches out to audiences on your behalf. You have little chance of convincing others to take you seriously unless you can quickly and clearly define what you do and the value and benefits it provides, hence seek professional assistance. Clarity has extensive expertise dealing with investors and fintech, allowing us to serve as a link between the brand, the media, and the broader public. Establishing trust requires the use of public relations. The end goal is to be intriguing and valuable to journalists, and a smart public relations firm will assist you in cutting through the noise.

EV and Electric Mobility

According to reports, the Indian EV market, valued at $1,435 billion in 2021, is expected to reach $15,398 billion by 2027 yet electric vehicle sales are still not as high as ICEs. However, they are growing, especially as more automakers develop their electric lineups; thus, it is the best time for EV brands to banking on strong PR & marketing strategies in tandem with best practices. Clarity PR has also forayed towards sunrise sectors thus delivering output that resulted in creating awareness about the brand and helped them in spreading presence across India. When it comes to electric mobility or EV brands, currently for the Indian market the major challenge they are facing is to spread awareness to make EV adoption quicker and at a mass level. Through their strong media presence, they can voice their needs and practice policy advocacy.

Travel & Tourism

The Indian travel industry has experienced a significant boom. People are becoming more interested in visiting new areas and exploring exotic destinations as they have more disposable income. With the benefits of travel in mind, some smart minds decided to launch a venture in the travel industry. Their efforts resulted in incredible solutions! In FY20, the tourism sector in India employed 39 million people, accounting for 8.0% of total employment in the country and the market is expected to reach $9 billion by 2025, thanks to an infusion of new travel start-ups and changing attitudes.

Such a domain would require public relations to enhance business during the off-season and to be successful all year. A smart public relations plan can put you ahead of the competition by generating media coverage that generates buzz for your business through targeted messaging for your target demographic. Previously Clarity PR has managed the PR Mandate of some the travel clients like Bespoke, Jamaica Tourist Board, Ayali, etc.


In an industry where flashy headlines are not welcome and stakeholder looks at PR and marketing as tools for establishing market leadership; the complete process of orchestrating their PR plan is unique, professional language that is not self-imposing, clear to comprehend, and is data-based helps such brands establish media credibility amid their counterparts. Over the years, Clarity PR has taken the helm of affairs at the PR front for heritage brands like Best Power Equipments (BPE), leaders in the power & manufacturing arena. We have nurtured their media relations and presence through effective stories powerful impactful interviews and thought leadership articles.


In very simple terms, lifestyle PR is the promotion of products designed to enhance your life and the way you live it into the lifestyle media – all sectors of the media cover everything from food and drink to fitness, from travel to pet supplies, home décor to beauty products, and just about everything in between. Once upon a time, carrying out lifestyle PR was very simple, but these days the arena is much more, complicated as well as competitive, and knowing where to pitch yourself or your product/service makes all the difference.

The nuances in the lifestyle sector have continued to get new competitive layers every day and in this constant struggle of putting your best foot forward, Clarity PR plays more than an auxiliary role. Our services have been trusted by industry biggies – ‘Naaz Joshi, India’s first Transgender to win Miss World Diversity, three times’; ‘Ms. Priyanka Dewan (Mrs. Women of the Universe – Top Asia Title 2019) is the latest in our clientele list.


India has come a long way in terms of organized dairy manufacturers, following the White Revolution pioneered by Verghese Kurien, known as the “Father of the White Revolution”. Today the Indian dairy industry reached a value of INR 13,174 Billion in 2021. It is expected that the market will reach INR 30,840 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 14.98% during 2022-2027. This growth has been driven by the increasing demand for milk, which has risen with an expanding population and rising incomes.

Clarity PR has handled the PR mandate for various dairy-based companies, especially startups that offer healthy alternatives to everyday dairy products. There is an array of a whole new breed of milk brands producing milk free of pesticides and antibiotics; often milk of new types such as A1 and A2. One such brand under our umbrella is Telangana-based ‘Sid Farm’ to whom we have successfully provided excellent visibility not only in Telangana but at a National level.

Start up

With 81, 000 government-recognized firms spread across 656 districts, India is the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem. India created 19 unicorns in 2022 alone, totaling 107. The country is anticipated to have 250 unicorns by 2025. Indian startups are well-known for solving problems and disrupting industries such as IT, education, healthcare, and agriculture. Startups in India are attempting to solve real-world problems. With access to top-tier technical expertise, the founder community is betting on creating high-quality, innovative goods. The success of Indian startups in the previous 10-15 years has inspired them to take the leap and create enterprises overseas.

Clarity PR positions itself as the PR firm for startups, assisting emerging companies in thoroughly understanding the startup ecosystem. Clarity PR, as a public relations firm, has handled startups of all kinds and sizes, from bootstrapped to funded, and has delivered them with consistent and high-quality output.

Gig Economy

The emergence of the digital era has resulted in today’s workforce becoming more mobile, with the ability to work from anywhere, which is a significant factor in the Gig economy’s growth. As a result, we have a generation of people that have more options. According to the estimate, the gig economy will employ 2.35 crore (23.5 million) people by 2029-30. Currently, approximately 47% of gig labor is in medium-skilled employment, 22% in high-skilled professions, and 31% in low-skilled jobs.

The potential to lower costs and expenses is one of the key benefits of working in the gig economy. We are working with MyMobiforce for blue-collar workers and Cohire for CXO level, assisting them in conveying the appropriate message in the media about how this complex but very purposeful model works. Our goal is to provide every business idea with the opportunity to bring their thoughts in front of their target audience by means of perfect media strategies and campaigns that work in the best interest of our client’s long-term goals.