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How PR Begins Beyond Social Media

Before digital adaptation came into the picture, the role of Public Relations revolved around announcing new products and services, minimizing the damage to reputation and being the brand’s voice on business, social, and public issues.

However, ever since digitisation, especially social media, the role of Public Relations has grown and evolved manifolds.

Today, PR professionals are proactively expected to contribute towards reputation management, thought leadership, and client relations, besides identifying potential crises before they can pose as a potential threat to the brand’s image.

In other words, PR begins beyond Social Media as a whole! Yes, the growth of such media platforms has allowed PR professionals to contribute towards the growth of their brands via social media as a platform, but, it is only one of the critical elements in the vast arsenal of Public Relation tools.

Here’s Why PR Is A Social Media Resistant Effort

To begin with, the PR industry isn’t something that began a decade ago, it marks its presence for over 50+ years as a sustaining industry. Further, the industry itself is well aware of the significant fundamental changes which were held over the last five years and continues to evolve with the changes that continue.

PR professionals have also weathered several industry-shifting changes that were experienced in the sectors that supply and support it – advertising, traditional media, corporate communications and others including social media.

The use of social media, which primarily started with Facebook and Twitter, a decade or more ago, now revolves around social media professionals, citizen influencers, consumer activists – all of whom are involved in posting and creating videos, trending hashtags, creative imagery, momentary memes and instant chats and videos.

On the receiving end are target audiences with increasingly shorter attention spans.

Lastly, yes, social media is pervasive. Yes, it has disrupted the PR industry. But it will never overtake the PR industry!