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Clarity PR core strength is Media Relations thus introducing the media to the brand with most effective and different media strategy. Clarity Team focuses on building relationships with the media thus understanding the journalist.

  • Brand management
  • Branding
  • Image management

There is a thin line between ‘traditional’ and ‘digital’ PR & today newspapers are focusing more on digital content. Clarity PR brings understanding to the clients on the importance of Digital PR & the media marketing tactics.

  • Startup PR
  • Technology PR
  • New age PR

Clarity PR has recently opened its door to Social Media and social media marketing thus building engagement & community. This has in turn increased the users & created consumer base to attain Business goals.

  • Media relations
  • Prelaunch PR
  • Thought leadership

Communication in today times has become fast-paced. Clarity PR understands it & monitors the news on a regular basis to target audience. The news is monitored proactively by the team through social media platforms like what’s app.

  • Placement of articles
  • Positioning the spokesperson as an expert
  • Identifying Platforms as a speaker

We have a content development team which understands PR & digital content. The team creates tailored content as per the publication & their policy.

  • Quality Content Achieves Marketing Objectives
  • Quality Content Converts
  • High Quality Content

Traditional PR is still relevant in today’s highly digitized world. Clarity PR understands the importance of traditional PR which is diverse & vast. Clarity PR understand the value of traditional PR & something that will always be worth it.

  • Event support
  • Strategic counselling
  • Crisis communication
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We established Clarity with an objective to deliver pertinent media coverage which supports the business objectives of the clients.

  • Digital PR
  • Traditional PR
  • Media monitoring
  • Placement of articles
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