We established Clarity with an objective to deliver pertinent media coverage which supports the business objectives of the clients. Our endeavor is to build the brand , customize the messages for each stakeholder & analyze the feedback to remodel the communication process for each client.

We decide the right time and most efficient vehicle to reach out to the target audience, thus aligning our tools with the organization's marketing objectives and calendar to bring the necessary visibility of the organization. Our tools and strategies differ not only with the stakeholder but changes according to the socio-political, economic, cultural, and geographic environment in which our clients function or plan to expand into.

Whether it is about increasing the business footprints, new product launch, establishing the organization as a niche player or creating the leadership among the target audience, we mix and match our media and non-media oriented efforts of public relations to achieve desired and sustainable results.


Our offerings are all about nurturing relationships and effective usage of new age technology to make communication a strategic business partner in the growth of our client's organization. As extension of the client's team, we continuously involve ourselves at all levels of research, planning, messaging, execution, and evaluation.
Research Planning Messaging Execution Evaluation

Research is the first activity and also an ongoing activity till our association with the client. Research on the company includes its products/services, existing brand equity, competition analysis, industry analysis, policy environments, and other local and global factors affecting the business.Our experts engage in understanding the client's various stakeholders - their viewing and listening patterns for meaningful media and non-media campaigns.

The insights from the research form the base for the planning process. Our team creates strategies against timeline for positive and effective communication vis - a - vis the competitors and organization's business goals.

Our experience of working across the table - client side and the agency side along with the news room helps us in creating specific messages to reach out to our client's various stakeholders. Our pitch notes to the media keeps the client's key messages at centre stage in such a way that it find a value in the editorial space, thereby constantly focusing on our client's leadership both in the media and the targeted stakeholders.

Our news sense and ability to perceive the uniqueness of different stakeholders gives us the edge to smoothly complete our tasks. Regular follow ups and conversation helps us cultivate long-term fruitful association with our clients, media, and other channel partners. Whether it is a onetime assignment or an ongoing project, the quality of our delivery have helped us retain many of our clientsWe maintain strict standards in associating with our channel partners so that our clients always get the best. We train our team from time to time to get updated with the latest trends in the communication and brand concepts and technical tools.

Similar to the goodwill being difficult to be quantified in monetary terms, the trust and credibility generated from public relations is not monetized. The invaluable endorsements of the country's most well-respected and media can be compared with other players operating in the same environment. In addition, many of our clients have recorded more than 100% in clarity of messaging, media traction, and increased understanding of one's own market place.We constantly analyze the feedback from each activity and accordingly strategize for future.


We are an extension of the client's communication team and work closely with the management to strategize and review the activities undertaken. Our team is adept to build the communication plan from scratch and also study the existing plans to grow the brand equity. Our strong ability to understand the news and its various trends in different media and publications gives us the edge to accordingly position our client's views to achieve the necessary perception about them.

Media Relations

Media Relations is the backbone of our services & our relationship with the journalists and editors has been strengthening over the years as we understand the editorial space and accordingly give them interesting information to build their stories. Content is the key in the clutter of marketing driven write-ups and hence we always bring new and niche ideas to form a story.

Reputation Management

It is important to be a confident leader in the changing socio-cultural, economic, and political environment that changes within a short radius. It is relevant not only for the chief executive officers (CEOs) and brand custodians but also for everyone in the governance, frontline, and project sites. We help our clients successfully manage their reputation through proactive efforts to augment the brand credibility by customized messaging for different stakeholders.

Content Management

Our content team comprises of former journalists with expertise to customize tailored information solutions. We create customized content and market it across as many different and relevant platforms as possible, be it print or digital. 

News Monitoring and Tracking Services

We track the news and articles generating in various media channels on the industry and allied space. We also provide a periodical newsletter to our clients covering the industry, competitors, government and policy, opinion and research reports, etc. This newsletter helps the client to get an update on the happenings and also see the story trends being covered on various


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Chief executive officer

Sowmya has more than 15 years of experience with media and has closely worked with Media houses, Editorial teams of Print, digital and Electronic Media. With years of experience in Public Relations & Corporate Communications with Concept PR, E-lexicon PR & Sahara Group.
In the present role as the head of the firm she handles client management and editorial meets. Sowmya closely works with Media houses, Editorial teams of Print, digital and Electronic Media.



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